My research research interests center on socio-technical aspects of information system security and include control use in information systems, information system auditing, information security, and social and personality factors related to normative and non-normative system interactions. As such, my research has examined factors associated with a systems adminstrator’s ability to secure information systems, IT control choice and implementation impacts on organizations, insider threats subverting the security of their organization’s systems, and the actions of larger groups attacking an outside organization’s system.

An Evaluation of Workman’s Model of Psychological Motives for Corporate Harassment Differentiated by Construal of Self.

The purpose of this study is to identify if the psychological factors proposed by Workman as contributors to the propensity to engage in cyber-harassment can be validated in a new study, and to determine if the construal of self, whether independent or interdependent, will play any significant role in mediating the effects.

Working Paper

Hactivism: Perceived Injustice, Group Efficacy, and Action Tendencies.

This paper seeks to examine what motivates collective, non-normative cyber-behavior against organizations and what organizations may be able to do to steer activity away from cyberharassment and towards more productive forms of engagement.

Working Paper